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How do you get information about your company, services or products to your ideal audience? There are so many ways to reach your target audience but not every method will work with every situation.

Below you will find a comprehensive list of different ways Loft Two can help you reach your target audience.

Business Aids

  • business cards
  • envelopes - #10, #9, remittance
  • letterhead
  • brochures
  • postcards
  • rack cards
  • fliers

sales aids

  • e-newsletters
  • e-blast design & execution
  • sales fliers
  • direct mail postcards & letters
  • store signage
  • stickers/labels
  • package design
  • newspaper inserts/ads
  • banners


  • appeal letters
  • remittance envelopes
  • capital campaigns
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It is vital as a business or nonprofit organiztion to have a clear and appropriate brand to represent their services or cause. My design process includes the brand discovery – I work with you to identify the right font style, colors and overall design that will work best to attract your target audience.

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Staying in touch with your client base is essential to surviving in the media driven society. Stay in touch where your clients hang out – on social media – Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, and weekly branded emails.

  • Social Media Setup (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+)
  • Social Media Design – Banners, Profile Photos, Event Banners, Carousel Design, Story Design and more!
  • Social Media Management – content creation and implementation
  • Weekly/Bi-Weekly/Monthly/On-Demand Newsletter Execution and eBlasts.

A website is an ever-changing beast. Technology is constantly changing and keeping up with the trends in your niche is vital to staying can be exhausting. If you're not well versed in the interwebs, it can take quite a bit of valuable time to figure out something that might take me a fraction of that. Do me a favor? Just leave it to me

Maybe you need someone to keep your site updated and active on search engines. Perhaps your current site just needs a fresh look. If you're starting from scratch  Let's chat and get traffic driving to your site so that you can make more sales and reach your goals!

  • Website & Blog Design
  • Website & Blog Maintenance
  • Search Engine Optimization
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For over fifteen years I have been designing for local nonprofits by helping raise funds to expand their reach within the community. By creating direct mail campaigns, creating brochures, event campaigns and capital campaigns – branded for each fundraising goal – goals have been met and exceeded multiple times over.

Leelanau Christian Neighbors (LCN) is an organization that serves residents in Leelanau County by providing food for the hungry and aiding those who have inadequate resources to respond to emergencies in their lives. In 2017 they were looking to expand their headquarters to a larger and more central location in Lake Leelanau, but they needed help raising the funds to do so. Together we created a capital campaign direct mail explaining the need and how a donation can benefit the giver and soon after the gifts started rolling in. With this campaign, LCN was able to collect enough gifts to fully purchase the building, improvements and surrounding land – mortgage free. Since, LCN has grown in service and in programs.